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About Taylor

Taylor Haynes is a man who believes that it is character and faith, not empty promises that makes a difference when it comes to achieving goals and contributing to the community.

He was born in 1946 and raised by his parents, Taylor and Lourie Haynes, on a produce farm in Louisiana, along with three sisters and one brother. He learned that hard work, honesty, and self-discipline were the keys to achieving whatever goals he set his mind on. Haynes put himself through college and post-graduate studies by working as a laborer on a freight dock and as a stevedore. He married his late wife Barbara Brumfield in 1968 and began raising a family of four children Kenya, Ayodele, Taylor III, and Enioma. After graduating with a mechanical engineering degree from Southern University in 1969, he accepted an engineering job in Salt Lake City Utah at the Kennecott Copper Corporation Research Center.

In a search for greater autonomy in his career, Taylor left his engineering position and began medical school at the University of Utah while also supporting his young family. After completing his surgical residency in Urology, he moved to Cheyenne Wyoming to open his medical practice. He ran a very successful urology practice and became highly respected by his patients and other physicians in the community. He served as vice chief of staff and Chairman of Patient Care at the DePaul Hospital of Cheyenne.

In addition to his career accomplishments, he was appointed by Governor Geringer to serve on the Board of Trustees of the University of Wyoming and, after his six-year term expired, was reappointed by Governor Dave Freudenthal for another six years.

Dr. Haynes remarried in 2002, and he and his wife Beth own and operate Mountain Benefits Management Company, a company that provides employee benefits consulting and benefit plan administration. Haynes serves as President and Chief Medical Officer of the company, and as such has firsthand knowledge of the impact of Obamacare on businesses and individuals. 

Dr. Haynes accomplishments in the field of agriculture are many. He has served as the President of the Laramie County Stock Growers Association, the President of the Pole Mountain Grazing Association and the Vice President of Wyoming Stock Growers Association. In 2006 he was presented with the Award of Merit by the Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society of Agriculture for his contributions in the field. That same year he worked with several other ranchers to found the Independent Cattlemen of Wyoming (ICOW), an organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the Wyoming ranching industry. He served on the Board of Directors of R-Calf USA, and as such was the Director for Region II which includes Wyoming, Colorado and Utah.

Taylor has worked tirelessly to inform and educate his fellow ranchers about such issues as eminent domain legislation, endangered species activities and protection of property rights. He also has lobbied the Legislature tirelessly to get the Legislature and the Governor to stand up for States rights against the Endangered Species act.

By holding town hall meetings in his community and around the state, he has organized and provided leadership to landowners and community members so they can present a united front regarding legislative issues that impact their livelihood.

Ask anybody who has encountered Taylor Haynes and they will agree about one crucial fact: He will draw the line in the dirt and stand up for not just his but all of our constitutional rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness.

DR. TAYLOR HAYNES has seen first-hand the wonderful power of the United States Constitution. This document is clearly divinely inspired and has been the force which made this country great and still is the source of our many freedoms.

"We must restore the use of the Constitution and our Christian values in our state."



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