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Economy and Jobs

Tax policy can deter job growth. The Governor must lead our state understanding that the tax structure and regulations can either encourage or discourage economic growth.


Dr. Haynes' priority will be to provide our next generation with a quality education that allows them to compete in the new world economy.  Getting Rid of Common Core is the first step.

State's Rights

Dr. Haynes will stand up to the intrusive federal government on state's rights issues, whether it is some egregious EPA decision our second amendment rights, mineral wealth or Obamacare.

Property Rights

As your Governor, Dr. Haynes will work to prevent the government from interfering with the lawful use of private property.

Sanctity of Life

Dr. Haynes will support and sign comprehensive legislation to protect the life of the unborn. He will also promote state of the art care for expecting mothers.


The current attack on the fossil fuel industry, especially coal, must be arrested and reversed.

Information Technology

Information Technology allows people to live and work wherever they choose. Wyoming is ripe for this type industry. 


Water, water, water... the lifeblood of Wyoming and all things.


A healthy vibrant agricultural industry is the foundation of a free society.

Gun Rights

"...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."


“Congress shall have the Power to establish an uniform  Rule of Naturalization…”

Article I Sec. 8 United States Constitution


Wyoming's matchless natural beauty and the wide open spaces drive our vibrant tourism industry.

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