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The most obvious feature of Wyoming agriculture is of course the production of food and jobs.

Agriculture provides the bulk of our large and small game habitat including both year-round and critical winter feed. Beautiful views and wide open vistas are all side benefits.

As the fourth generation continuously in production agriculture sincethe Emancipation Proclamation, I have a deep abiding love for, and understanding of agriculture.

I recognize the detrimental effects of overreaching federal regulations like the Endangered Species Act, and other federal regulations. Species protection will be accomplished by rewarding landowners for good stewardship.

Allowing the  the landowner control of the game resources they feed and care for year round will greatly enhance the development and protection of habitat and species.

The availability of adequate water supplies is a limiting factor in Wyoming. This will improve as we take control of all our rightful water supply.

As Governor my roots in agriculture will allow me to protect our rich agricultural base.


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