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Economy and Jobs

For too long Cheyenne has refused to recognize the link between the state tax structure, regulations and our local economy.  They are perceived as being exclusive to each other, when, in fact, they are all linked.

Our Governor must lead our state in  understanding that the tax structure, and regulations can either encourage or discourage economic growth.  As a business owner, I know how tax policy can effect job growth.  

My success as an entrepreneur and in traditional business ventures positions me uniquely to guide Wyoming through tough economic times as well as provide the vision to lead us to a prosperous future.

I pledge to control the state’s spending and work to improve our present business friendly tax climate.

Having been an engineer with Kennecott when it was primarily a mining company I understand the mining industry and how important it is to our economy. I also understand the tremendous potential for Wyoming to be the leader in electric power generation in the country. I am also aware of the dire need to modernize existing, and build new power generation plants.

Our Governor must facilitate this most important endeavor. He must facilitate regulatory relief while ensuring our environment is healthy.   

Because I grew up on a farm and am a rancher, I understand the importance of natural resources and their management.  I will promote and sign legislation to end anti-competitive practices that stifle our agricultural industry.

As a member of the University of Wyoming Board of Trustees I supported ventures such as the GE-UW Coal Gassification Research Pilot Plant.  I will continue to support projects such as Coal to liquid. I will also promote the advanced development of all fossil fuels, and our re-surging uranium industry.

Wyoming also has the unique opportunity to produce rare earth minerals.

The Information Technology industry has received a boost from the NCAR  Supercomputer. I supported and encouraged this Project as a Member of the Board of Trustees at the University of Wyoming.

I will continue to facilitate the development of Information Technology in Wyoming.

I very strongly support the role of our Community Colleges in Workforce development.

My experience in our free enterprise system is broader and deeper than most Governors. Thus, I have insights that allow me to apply common sense solutions to the problems we face.


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