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No one appreciates a quality education, more than I do.  I have earned a degree in mechanical
engineering, graduated from medical school with honors and completed post graduate specialty training.  Without the grace of GOD and parents instilling the importance of education and excellent local schools, I would have never been able to achieve so much personal success.

My priority will be to provide our next generation with a quality education that allows them to compete in the new world economy.  I will facilitate the strengthening of the Land Grant Role of the University of Wyoming. Our Community College system is among the best in the Country. I will work to strengthen this system.

Getting rid of Common Core Will be the first order of business as Governor.

As your next Governor, I will work with and direct the State Department of Education to strengthen the support for our home school and charter school programs, reduce our high school dropout rate, better prepare students for college, and strengthen the vocational track within our high schools. I will also reinstate the right to have voluntary prayer in our schools.

The recent Wyoming Supreme Court ruling has to my reading restored  the office of Superintendent of Public instruction to its Constitutionally mandated authority.Thus as Governor I can work with the Superintendent of Public instruction to facilitate teachers being freed to teach.

I will also promote legislation to end the Common Core Curriculum in our Great State. The education of our children must be placed in the hands of the parents and teachers. It must not be dictated from Washington D.C..

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