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The Governor's office must address the recent loss of jobs in the Powder River Basin and other coal producing areas due to the attack on coal by the overzealous Obama-driven Environmental Protection Agency.

As Governor I will protect all of our fossil fuel and mineral producers from this type of curtailment.

Wyoming must educate the country and promote the critical role that our fossil fuels play in our economy and its future. Energy independence is rapidly becoming a "front burner" National Security issue.  Lip service will no longer do.

I will encourage the development of processes and technology to convert fossil fuels to many other useful forms.

I will encourage our fossil fuel producers to build power generating plants here in Wyoming and ship the power to the markets. I will facilitate the permitting of transmission lines and other conveyances of fossil fuels.

I will encourage the construction of refineries here in Wyoming.

The developing of our energy potential can be accomplished while respecting and enhancing private property. There are many opportunities here for private land owners to share in the revenue generated.

As Governor I will strengthen the already good relationship between the University of Wyoming and the energy industry. This includes research in better production methods as well as tapping the boundless potential to further develop fossil fuel products.

The role of our Community Colleges in preparing a highly skilled workforce to support our energy and natural resource industries cannot be overstated.

As Governor I will draw on my broad experience to pull together our academic, industrial and human resources to realize the bounty of our rich natural resource base for Wyoming's people.


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