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Property Rights

To have and use private property is the foundation and driving force of a free enterprise economic system as ours was founded to be.

Nowadays government bureaucrats are quick to excuse infringement on our property rights for the greater good.  We have lost sight of individual property rights which are a founding principle in our Constitution. 

As your Governor, I will work to prevent the government from interfering with the lawful use of private property. 

Wyoming citizens understand the importance of environmental protection.  The use of the Endangered Species Act has become a method of voiding property rights. 

My background as a certified organic  beef producer along with my experience in the mining industry has taught me the art of balancing the use of property with a healthy environment.

We will prevent HUD from interfering with local property use. Thus, allow property owners to decide how to best benefit from the use of their property.

My agricultural and general natural resource background affords me a deep and profound respect for private property. As Governor, I will protect that right for all Wyoming citizens.


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