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Illegal Aliens: At What Risk?

Are the illegal immigrant children, who came from Central America and crossed over into the United States from Mexico, the cause of the new respiratory illness that has impacted hundreds of children in several states? Obama invited more than 37,000 illegal alien children into the country without proper health screenings and now just weeks later over one thousand children in the middle of the country have been stricken with the virus.

ABC News reported recently that the federal government is so overwhelmed by the current tide of migrants crossing the border it can’t provide basic medical screening to all of the children before transporting them to longer-term holding facilities across the country.

According to a statement from the Administration for Children and Families at Health and Human Services, preliminary reports indicate that "several unaccompanied minors in the shelter had become ill with what appears to be pneumonia and influenza,” 

Now over 1,000 children have been hospitalized with a severe viral infection, some requiring intensive care unit treatment. Asthmatics are particularly susceptible. The CDC
identifies it as possibly Enterovirus 68. The virus is spread by coughing, sneezing and direct contact. The most distressing characteristic is the virus can live on surfaces and objects.

Where are the illegal immigrant children now? Obama won’t say, but the unexpected increase
in school enrollments may have shed some light on the subject.

Not surprisingly, Texans absorbed the largest share of illegal immigrant children this year, but all 50 states are represented and even Virginia has found itself with more than 2,800 unexpected new school pupils. 

In the period January–July 2014 there were seven (7) known to be in Wyoming. How many are there now? What is their impact on the health of Wyoming citizens?  



Not unrelated is the issue of Ebola being brought into the U.S. from foreign countries. Last week a patient infected with the Ebola Virus was transported from West Africa to Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha then via ground ambulance to the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

The transport of an Ebola patient, a medical missionary, to Omaha Nebraska is a very curious decision. Federal officials reportedly asked the Omaha medical center to treat him in order to prepare other isolation units to take more Ebola patients if needed. The University of Nebraska Hospital is very capable of caring for this patient and protecting the community at the same time. However, there are several facilities in the North East, near to the patients home,  that were equally capable of rendering safe care in this situation. The question is, why send this patient to the center of the country? Nebraska is on the edge of “Tornado Alley” Should the facility be hit by a severe Tornado what is the risk to the community and the rest of the
country? There is a weather forecast of severe storms and possible tornados in Omaha for Tuesday, September 9, 2014.

Another interesting note is there are only precautions, no restrictions, on travel to or from the effected countries in West Africa. 

Who is protecting US citizens?

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