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Update From the 63rd Wyoming Legislature

Thus far I’ve had an interesting week at the 63rd Wyoming Legislature, although I don’t have the luxury of being there full time this session.

I was able to testify against HJ002, to appoint, rather than elect, the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Others who testified were Lisa Glauner and Supt. of Public instruction Jillian Balow. Chairman Patton noted that he and the committee members received a deluge of email against the bill as well. “Praise the Lord” the committee listened to the people and killed the bill in committee. Thus, the issue of appointing the Superintendent of Public
Instruction is dead for now. We will be ever vigilant.

HB0097 to repeal the Death Penalty for Capital murder, had a packed hearing room. The bill received a great deal of passionate testimony for its passage by several groups notably the Catholic Church, other religious groups and the A.C.L.U. However, Representative Gerald Gay and myself gave passionate testimonies as well. He related a story of a rape and attempted double murder of two sisters in his home town where the surviving victim committed suicide when one of the perpetrators was eventually released from prison. His testimony stirred my already smoldering passion to kill this bill into a raging inferno. The Committee members also spoke well on both sides of the issue. Fortunately the bill was killed with Chairman Patton casting the deciding vote.

The hearing for HB0114 to repeal Gun free zones except in courtrooms and on private property, packed the largest committee hearing room in the Capitol building. The testimony for the bill was very professional and laden with salient facts. The most noteworthy fact was presented by Rep. Alan Jaggi, one of the bill’s co-sponsors, who noted that Utah has allowed concealed and open carry in all public places including schools, excepting court rooms, for the past 15 years without incident! The testimony against was mostly emotional
and speculative with a few scattered, inconsequential facts. The Committee passed the bill with only one no vote.

This is my week thus far. This is the best start conservatives have had in quite a while. Your mails and phone calls are the reason in my view. PLEASE KEEP IT UP! GOD be with us all!

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