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Dr. Taylor Haynes for Governor


"Dr. Taylor Haynes wins my vote for the next Governor of Wyoming, and here’s why:

This is a man who is highly principled, and a strict believer in the U.S. and Wyoming Constitutions – as they are written, not subject to convenient interpretation. He is a man with a strong faith in God, and understands that we all ultimately answer to our Creator, not to mere mortals who may lead us away from a path of faith and moral correctness.

He is a man who has engaged and succeeded in the private sector – as an engineer, a urologist, a livestock breeder, and a business entrepreneur.

Most important to me and to all of us in Wyoming, he pledges to continually look to our best interests as outlined by Constitutional rights and words. He stands solidly behind the Bill of Rights, and he is a fountain of knowledge in regard to the words and intentions of our Founding Fathers.

Also importantly, he recognizes each County Sheriff as the highest authority within his or her respective county, and is ready and willing to stand up for the sheriffs as long as they are constitutionally within their rights.

He fully understands the importance of the separation of rights with respect to the Federal and State governments. The Constitution of the U.S. clearly enumerates the powers of the Federal government, and bestows those powers not specifically granted to the Federal government to the States and the People. This is an enormously important concept that Dr. Haynes understands and plans to enforce.

Our Nation and our State now face huge challenges, with enormous pressure to veer away from the conservative principles that have made possible our enormous success for most of the past two centuries. Both major political parties have drifted far to the left over the past 50 years, but a new conservative “grass roots” movement has come into prominence in the last few years – and Taylor Haynes is the epitome of this new breed.

Our State needs Taylor Haynes, and Taylor Haynes needs our votes."

-  Kent Stockton M.D., Riverton, Wyoming

"First impressions are vitally important.  Upon meeting him for the first time, Dr. Taylor Haynes struck me as being a man of uncommon courage and unflinching honesty.  Subsequent encounters with him have only consolidated this. 

Dr. Haynes is an educated man with an interesting background as an engineer, physician and rancher.  He is a natural-born leader. He is a firm advocate for the United States Constitution, to the point where he challenges the all-too-common resignation of Americans to the utterly unconstitutional usurpation of power by the Federal Government.  He is very candid about his intention, if elected as Governor, to return sovereign power to the state of Wyoming.  This does not mean that he would cause Wyoming to secede from the Union, but rather that Wyoming would assert its rights under the system of federalization rather than meekly acquiesce to whatever our would-be masters in Washington, DC decree.  This is surely a refreshing and long-overdue return to states’ rights, as described in the Tenth Amendment.

This man is truly conservative in the mold of Ronald Reagan.  He also exudes the gentle firmness and sunny humor of the former President.   Like that heroic figure, Dr. Haynes believes that conservatism is a three-legged stool encompassing fiscal responsibility, a strong defense policy, and faithfulness to the social issues.  He understands the importance of education, upholding equally the need for academic rigor and excellence, on the one hand, and local control and the rights of parents, teachers, and citizen-taxpayers, on the other.   Dr. Haynes makes no bones about his commitment to traditional marriage and the defense of vulnerable unborn children.  All of this adds up to real freedom, for we can only be truly free and happy if we choose what is good and righteous according to God’s law.  Then we would not need so many man-made laws."

- Sheila Leach, Cody, Wyoming


"Taylor Haynes is a man who walks the talk. Mr. Haynes is an impressive individual who was raised in the South, earned his degree to become an engineer then went on to become a physician. Both of these careers take dedication, extremely hard work and perseverance. These traits are what I like to see in a candidate seeking public office. I believe Taylor has a solid knowledge of the way our Constitutional Republic is designed and how government should adhere to the supreme law of the land, the Constitution of the United States of America.  He is a firm believer in God, family and country. Having Taylor as governor, I know that I can sleep at night without worrying about what his next move will be, because I see in Taylor a man who can be trusted to do the right thing."

- Steve Bray





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